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Coming Soon!

Check out our upcoming designs!


Future Releases. Dates and price TBD.

Brent Hessel & Frederic Boucher:

  • BreakOut! 

Haym Hirsh:

  • Hangman

Alexander Magyarics:

  • PomPoms
  • IsoTrap
  • DualiTTy & JoinTT set
  • Positive Blue

Frederic Boucher:

  • Pisa
  • SharkAttack

    Oleg Smol'yakov (GELO):

    • Etude Series
    • Oddity Series
    • PentominoAnimals
    • Zz Top

    Laszlo Molnar:

    • PUZZLE
    • Rhombs

    NEW DESIGNER - Tick Wang:

    • 12345

    NEW DESIGNER -Choongmyoung Lee:

    • Symmetrain
    • Leaf 15
    • 4.5